West Industrial

From the moment of its refoundation Saskatoon was meant to be an industrial city. Once AIM was discovered, everyone knew it was the future—and that Saskatoon was the place to make it happen. Most of the territory west of the river—nearly 1/3 of the entire city—was slated for industrial development before ground was broken in Hope Point, and it sold almost as quickly. Before Hope Point was finished, 36 different companies had purchased lots in Saskatoon’s new industrial district; and by 2044 that number had grown to 127. As soon as the local government gave the okay, a rush of construction engulfed the district; and by 2048 most of the planned buildings were completed and functioning. Alongside the 134 work, production, and refinement buildings, 3 train stations were constructed across the district to accommodate future commuters.

That was the last interesting thing that ever happened in West Industrial. Moving on.