Papa Malorn

Thomas Malorn, heir to the Malorn Shipping company, was born to respectable means. Beatrice and Thomas Sr. were, respectively, the majority shareholder and CEO; and under their leadership it had grown to be a major name in rail and air freight across North America. Thomas enjoyed a privileged childhood, wanting for nothing; but this abruptly ended on his fifteenth birthday, when the three of them were caught in a car bombing (which is now widely believed to have been an assassination attempt by Hackerschmidt Shipping). Thomas’s parents were killed in the blast, while he himself was badly burnt and paralyzed from the waist down.

As the son of a wealthy couple, Thomas was admitted to high-grade urgent care at Saint Anthony’s of Saskatoon, where he was outfitted with a set of quality-of-life augmentations which restored his ambulatory function and much of his appearance. He soon learned, however, that his parents had willed their entire fortune to rival shipping magnate William Hackerschmidt, which left Thomas penniless. Hackerschmidt confessed to the murders some 20 years later, but died in prison while awaiting trial.

Thomas spent the next few years moving through a series of temporary labor jobs, where he often put his augments to good use. When he was 19, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for home invasion, though he was released after only 5. From then up to his 30s, he was arrested and fined over a dozen more times on charges of public brawling. During this time he began associating with Francis Flanagan, Alex Grimaldi, and Jimmy the Corpse. The four of them would come to be known as the Malorn gang, and soon came under suspicion for all manner of crimes.

Fast forward 20 years. Thomas “Papa” Malorn is known around town for many things: his generous donations to the churches and universities of Saskatoon; his work with the city ink asylum and poorhouses; and for being the leader of a wickedly successful crime family. Like any good mobster, the accusations against him are so far insufficient for conviction; but he has been questioned in connection with over 200 counts of racketeering, arson, battery, and murder. Among the night life of Saskatoon he is known for being kind to his allies and merciless to his enemies; and many crime analysts have named him the heir apparent to organized crime in Saskatoon after the dissolution of the Giocomo crime family in 2303.

So far, he has been content to keep his business to the waterfront districts. He is even known to tolerate the presence of Toonpunks in his territory, so long as they respect his properties and protectorates. He has survived thus far by keeping his head low, and cooperating with the police to a point…but there are rumors in the shadows of a full-fledged gang war on the horizon; and those who know Malorn expect him to be prepared, and ready to bring his rivals down in flames…



Papa Malorn never wanted to be a mob boss. In fact, he wanted to be a police officer when he was younger. The bombing changed him forever: he spent his youth on a quest for revenge, and when it was over he was a hard man with an empire at his command. He started down the road to infamy on the day his parents’ killer was sentenced: his name was Bartosz Juspeczyk, and he was innocent.

Thomas knew William Hackerschmidt killed his parents: while in the hospital, Hackerschmidt visited him and revealed his affiliation with the Giocomo crime family—who, he claimed, had masterminded the Malorns’ deaths for refusing to enable the Giocomo's’ black market shipping. While Hackerschmidt extended an offer of employment, Thomas rebuffed him harshly. Three days later, Juspeczyk was falsely sentenced to death; and Thomas was livid when the District attorney categorically refused to re-examine the case. That was when Thomas resolved to take justice into his own hands—and though it took him decades, he eventually earned it.

The specifics of his career need not be dwelt upon. What must be understood is that to him, crime was only ever a means of revenge: everything he did, he did to hurt the Giocomo family. He attacked their members and burned their businesses; he founded a gang of his own, and steadily grew it into an empire; and he even funded Ariel Levitt’s mayoral campaign.

Now, two years after destroying the family, he looks at his empire as more of a business than anything else. He does not really consider himself a mafioso, even though that is what he is. If asked, he will describe himself as an anarcho-capitalist: he provides services that the government cannot be relied upon for, and does well by doing good. His hatred and distrust of the established system is so great that he truthfully believes this: in his eyes, his augmentation smuggling is a perfectly reasonable alternative to expensive legitimate channels; and his protection rackets ensure safety that the police and fire departments can’t or won’t provide.


Papa Malorn is a simple man with simple rules: “if you don’t interfere with my business, I don’t kill you.” Players will find him to be amicable and open-minded. While he fiercely defends his employees and those he is paid to protect, he is unusually moralistic for a mob boss—to the point that he has made several non-competitive decisions regarding other criminal organizations in Saskatoon for the sake of keeping his employees out of harm’s way. That being said, he is also a man of ambition—and he fully intends to run the city one day.

He is an ideal source of employment for players who are embroiled in the underworld, but not necessarily wicked people. Malorn might hire them to do something as morally grey as foil an arson attempt by a rival gang, or bust up a drug dealer who has been dealing to children. Perhaps he might even be called upon to provide manpower for the players’ heist, or discretely leverage his connection to Ariel Levitt to make key evidence against the players disappear.


As simple as he is to have as an ally, Malorn is even simpler to have as an enemy. There are several behaviors he considers worthy of enmity: specifically stealing from or bringing harm to his friends, employees, or protectorates. If someone interferes with his business then he will, quite simply, try to destroy them. He will not beat around the bush, and he will not take his time: as soon as he learns who has wronged him, and where they can be found, he’ll send a few lads over with pistols and pipes to stove their head in.

If the players should prove better than average at resisting his henchmen, Malorn has several other tricks up his sleeve: he will hire mercenaries or other toonpunks to dispatch them, and if all else fails he’ll show up and do some ass kicking himself.