Jimmy the Corpse

He’s got a bone to pick with you!

One of the most infamous inkmen in the Saskatoon underworld, Jimmy the Corpse is a longtime friend and collaborator of Papa Malorn. Despite the shock of his initial appearance—what with his being a jewel-encrusted skeleton in a three-piece suit—he is famed for his fashion, panache, and humor; and throughout the business he is known for being an amicable host and a fast friend. Of course, let’s make no bones about it: it’s his job to be those things. Jimmy is Malorn’s executor of affairs too far-removed for Malorn to deal with personally. He works as a go-between for clients, contract workers, and family associates—everything from visiting relatives to hired killers. To put it in business terms, he’s a combination public relations VP and sales exec; and if you ever take on hired work for the Malorn family, you’re probably going to cross his path.

Jimmy was originally drawn on a kitschy Dio de los Muertes flag banner for sale to American tourists. His present version was incarnated in 2061 at the Mexico Heritage Foundation’s Low-Fidelity Inkman Asylum in Mexico City, where he was afforded a state education. He was given the name Pablo Jimenez, and graduated 2 years later with a bona fide Mexican citizenship. He worked as a cab driver after that; but soon developed a fascination with Irish culture which lead him to emigrate to Dublin in 2088. He lived there for the better part of a century, as part of Dublin’s famous Bohinkian community. While there, he anglicized his last name to ‘Jimmy’ and began using it in lieu of his first name. At various points he worked as a waiter, secretary, busker, and—he is not ashamed to say—as a male escort. As time marched on, however, he became increasingly disenchanted with the Dublin life; and in 2128 he emigrated to the UCAS.

From 2128 to 2228 he worked a series of low-to-middle income jobs across Southwestern Canada: the most notable of these (according to him) were as a croupier in Las Vegas, as a rancher in Arizona, a museum tour guide in Reno, and as a social studies teacher in Utah. In his own words, he did most of these things “just for the human experience”. This was human experience which served him very well when he decided to celebrate his century in Canada by taking on a more lucrative—but much more dangerous—task. He became a smuggler (“mostly for the thrill”, he has said) and began ferrying contraband over provincial lines. He began with heroin and amphetamines; but before long he began moving into steadily more illegal substances—including the ink trade.

Jimmy’s luck ran out in 2235, when he was arrested and convicted of paper possession with intent to distribute. He was sentenced to 10 years in the Bob Kane correction facility, during which time he met “Papa” Thomas Malorn. They were released within 3 months of each other, and together with Alex Grimaldi and Francis Flannigan they formed the Malorn gang. While Jimmy has never been convicted of anything since then, he has consistently remained a person of interest for the Saskatoon Police Department; and he has been investigated so often that many people joke that he is the SPD’s unofficial ambassador to the underworld.



Time to bone up on your role-playing skills, bonehead! Jimmy the Corpse is gaudy, jovial, and outgoing—but that’s all just an act. To him, being agreeable and charismatic is all part of the job. He’s a used car salesman, to put it in other words—he might wine and dine and treat you fine; but it’s all just business, no matter how genuine he seems. He signs contracts, he brokers deals, he makes connections; and all of those things are easier to do if the other people involved really like him. If the players cross his path, he will treat them cordially and well; but he will always be moving, if only by inches, towards his objective. Like anyone else, he will prefer certain clients to others; but the only people to whom he owes genuine allegiance are the other members of his gang—Thomas, Alex, and Francis.

The only real part of Jimmy that his clients will ever see is his sense of humor. Jimmy has an abiding love of skeleton and skeleton-related puns—and since he speaks English, Spanish, and Gaelic, he can appreciate them in a variety of languages. A grasp of wordplay is one of the few ways that someone outside the gang can truly endear themselves to him; and if the players prove to be particularly humorous or clever, Jimmy may eventually come to see them as more than just run-of-the-mill clients—perhaps not friends, but a cut above the rest.