What Is Toonpunk?

Toonpunk is a tabletop role-playing game set in a dark and wacky science-fiction future, where cartoons have come to life during the dystopic 24th century. The laws of our world and the madcap pseudo-realities of ink and paper have collided to create a world that is trapped between complete nightmare and complete joke. Players take on the role of anarchistic super-criminals on a mission to get rich or die trying: retired superheroes, former starlets, cartoon capers, futuristic technology, and more all combine to make a cyberpunk crime game that’s fun for the whole &%@#%^ family. (That's just our slogan. You probably shouldn't play this with your kids.)

character sheets and maps
Pictured: Map, Character Sheet, and Tokens—just add a rulebook and you're ready to play!

Why should you play it?

Toonpunk was designed from the outset to be simpler, faster, and at the time more engaging, than other games of a similar bent. The core of the game is a ten-sided die (D10). There are 10 character attributes, each of which are scored out of a maximum of 10; and whenever a character attempts to do something, they roll a D10 and compare the number rolled against the relevant attribute. Attributes can be modified positively or negatively depending on the intensity of the action, as described in the rulebook, or at the GM's discretion.

The real strength of the game is in the numerous ways this core system can be customized. A massive number of weapons, cybernetic augmentations, and tools allow players to mix, match, and modify their characters' abilities to handle any situation. The only limits to what you can do are what you can carry and how creative you are when you use it.

Character progression is similarly simplistic: it is built entirely around the gear your character acquires, either legally or through theft. Though attribute points can be redistributed, attributes cannot be improved after character creation; you can get new guns, tools, or augments, but your character begins at peak performance. There are no experience points, no modifiers, and no further elements. The character sheet you create before your first game can last you for years or longer, as long as you keep chasing that next payday.

Where Can You Play Toonpunk?

Currently, Toonpunk is being sold in select retail outlets around America. The game is also being sold for download or print-on-demand on the drivethruRPG web store; and if you'd like to play the game without buying it, you can download a simplified version of Toonpunk right now, absolutely free. This bite-sized version has all the rules you'll need to play the game at its most basic level; and in the gallery tab (the one up at the top of the page) you can find a free map or two to give you a place to test it all out. It's not a whole lot, but the full version contains hundreds of weapons, items, and rules to create a long-term game with dozens of heists and infinite possibilities.