The World Has Gone Mad

It’s been mad for quite a long time, in fact. 200 years ago, cartoon characters came to life and entered the real world. Every single superhero, funny animal, dragon, robot, or margin doodle—all these and more entered into a world that did not want them and could not support them. The chaos was tremendous, the confusion unprecedented; but it was not half as horrid as the order that followed it...

It is the year 2305. It is an age of megacities and corporate countries. Laws can be bought by the highest bidder, and smog chokes cities around the solar system. For the privileged few, it is a playground of excess—one of long lives, cyborg limbs, animal servants, and palatial estates on exotic worlds. Those less fortunate live their entire lives in towers the size of mountains, or toil in mines on distant moons...or are simply born into the gutter and forgotten.

This is the world you were born into. You are a nobody, with a dead-end job and an empty wallet. If you don’t want to die in the grime and the filth, you’re going to have to go a little crazy...and take what you want by any means necessary. You will rob banks, you will deal drugs, you will clash with corporations large and small...and you will get rich or get erased.

Toonpunk is a tabletop role-playing game for between 3 to 9 players that blends classic cartoons, cyberpunk science-fiction, and white-knuckled tactical combat like nothing else. Players rob, steal, lie, and cheat their way to the top of the heap—Choosing from 6 species, and over 150 specialties, items, tools, and talents to create a toonpunk epic that is truly their own.

Don’t believe us? Check out the free rulebook available on our About page.

The Toonpunk's Guide to Doublearth: The red Mile

The neighborhood of tomorrow, today.

The Toonpunk's Guide to Doublearth: The Spaghetti

In the outskirts of Saskatoon, every night brings bloodshed...

The Toonpunk's Guide to Doublearth: Lilliput

Saskatoon's most populous district is alive with faith and firefights.

The Toonpunk's Guide to Doublearth: Croesus Quarter

A bizarre mystery lurks underneath one of Saskatoon's first districts...

The Toonpunk's Guide to Doublearth: The Central Financial District

The money runs through this ritzy maze of skyscrapers.

The Toonpunk's Guide to Doublearth: The Saskatoon Covered Market

A look inside Saskatoon's most dangerous district.

The Toonpunk's Guide to Doublearth: Lakeshore Drive

A rundown of the biggest party in Saskatoon.

PROTIPS: An Interview with Toonpunk's Testers

What's it like being a professional punk? It ain't easy. Today, we sit down with four of our beta testers, to get some advice from the first and the best.

Short Change Hero: Chapter 1

Things aren't easy for former merchandising icon Captain Hero. Pushed to the brink of tolerance, the captain lashes out on his own in a quest to get rich or die trying.

Letters from the Editor: Part 1

What's in a game? We sit down with Josh Dickson, the editor and co-creator of Toonpunk to learn what makes the game tick: we ask him about the system, the ideas behind it, and the drawings that animated his imagination.

Drawing in the Name of: The Artists Who Bring Toonpunk to Life, Part 1

We sit down and talk with Curry-Kohai and Dimvitarius, two of the main artists of Toonpunk's core manual.